WhatsApp API Webhook

With the API of you can automate Whatsapp notifications with any platform Designed for small and medium-sized companies, to revolutionize communication with customers. Select all permissions to use your API Key On this link go to the API documentation:   Go to the WhatsApp category and select Get Accounts Enter your API Key as shown in […]

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Internet scams

Internet scams The people most affected by the scams appear to be the youngest, between the ages of 18 and 23; this is followed by young people aged between 24 and 27 and those aged between 28 and 32. The Internet today is a powerful tool that offers great advantages, including the rapid acquisition and

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This thread explains some of the key parts of the Tools page. API Keys Users can create API keys for their projects in this tab. Each api key can contain a different set of permissions. Webhooks Some projects might need a live notification when an event arrives. This is where webhooks play a role. Users can create

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This thread explains some of the key parts in the Android page. USSD This page will contain all the USSD responses from the device. Notifications This page will contain all the notifications received from your devices.   Devices To be able to send messages, users will need to link their Android devices. This is done by downloading

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It is now possible to send and receive chats from WhatsApp accounts. This thread will explain the key parts of the WhatsApp page. Chats The system also supports sending WhatsApp chats to mobile numbers and group addresses. Sent This page contains all the sent chats. It will show chats sent using linked WhatsApp accounts. Campaigns This page

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This thread explains some of the key parts of the SMS page. SMS The core functionality of this platform revolves around SMS. We have detailed information in this documentation. Sent This page contains the sent SMS. It will show messages sent using linked user devices, partner devices, and 3rd party gateways. Campaigns This page contains the campaign

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This thread explains some of the key parts of the Contacts page. Saved Added contacts are displayed here. You can also add multiple groups for each contact. Groups Added contact groups are displayed here.   Unsubscribed Contacts that unsubscribed via the STOP keyword or visited the unsubscribe link are displayed here. If you delete the numbers here,

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