It is now possible to send and receive chats from WhatsApp accounts. This thread will explain the key parts of the WhatsApp page.


The system also supports sending WhatsApp chats to mobile numbers and group addresses.


This page contains all the sent chats. It will show chats sent using linked WhatsApp accounts.


This page contains the campaign activities. When you send a bulk message via form or excel, a new campaign log is created here where you can pause, resume, or delete it.


This page contains the received chats. It will show chats received from linked WhatsApp accounts.


This page contains the scheduled chats. These messages are sent via cronjob. Please make sure you configure it.


This page contains the WhatsApp groups. These groups are added to the auto-complete recipient field when you are sending chats. Yes, you can send group chats.


To be able to send chats, users will need to link their WhatsApp accounts by scanning a QR code in the accounts tab.

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