Virtual Number for WhatsApp

Virtual Number for WhatsApp

In today’s connected world, WhatsApp stands as a giant in instant messaging apps. Whether you’re a marketer, professional, or individual, you may find the need to set up a separate WhatsApp account. One way to do this without involving your personal phone number is by using a virtual number. A virtual number is a unique but not physically associated phone number that can be used temporarily to receive SMS or activate applications like WhatsApp. Let’s dive into how you can create a virtual number specifically for WhatsApp and why this is advantageous, particularly for WhatsApp Marketing.

The Role of Virtual Numbers in WhatsApp Marketing

Virtual numbers are extensively employed in the realm of WhatsApp Marketing. Marketers use applications like SendApp to send bulk messages to clients or potential customers. Using a virtual number serves a dual purpose. First, it allows businesses to maintain a professional distance without disclosing personal numbers. Second, it helps in avoiding the risk of being banned by WhatsApp, a risk incurred when mass messaging is not conducted responsibly.

Complete Guide on Getting Virtual Numbers for WhatsApp

What is AnonymSMS and How Does It Work?

AnonymSMS is a free online service that allows you to receive SMS online without revealing your actual phone number. These online numbers are tied to real SIM numbers, making them highly reliable for receiving messages from any online platform globally. No registration is needed—just select your desired number and country to get started.

AnonymSMS: Who Can Benefit?

From marketers to professionals who require phone verification for various online services, AnonymSMS offers temporary phone numbers that help in completing these verifications. Whether you’re signing up for social media platforms or other types of accounts, AnonymSMS is a versatile solution.

Top Providers for Getting a Virtual Number for WhatsApp

Hushed: A Premium Option

Hushed is a popular provider of disposable virtual numbers available for both iOS and Android users. A virtual number from Hushed comes with 20 minutes of talk time or 60 SMS and has a validity of 7 days. Prices start at $1.99, and you can choose numbers from a range of countries.

Quick Tip: Once you select a number on Hushed, make sure to verify its compatibility with WhatsApp before proceeding with the purchase.

Talkatone: A Free Alternative

Talkatone is a free app that lets you send and receive texts and make calls from anywhere. This free app, available for Android users, can be accessed using a Facebook account. After login, you can select a free phone number of your choice, which can be used to activate a WhatsApp account.

SMS Receive Free: Another Option to Consider

SMS Receive Free provides free temporary phone numbers from various countries. Although these numbers can be used for WhatsApp verification, keep in mind that they can also be used by other people. Hence, it’s less secure than other options.

How to Create a WhatsApp Account with a Virtual Number: Step-By-Step Guide

1. Start by Using the Web App: You can use FonYou web app to begin the WhatsApp account creation process.
2. Register an Account: Visit the web app and fill out the required fields like email, country, and postal code. Accept the terms and conditions and click continue.

By following these simple steps, you can create a new WhatsApp account without needing to disclose your actual phone number. This is a particularly useful method for anyone looking to separate their personal and professional lives or run multiple accounts for various needs.


Using a virtual number to set up a WhatsApp account offers you flexibility, privacy, and a level of professionalism that using your personal number may not afford. Whether you’re a business trying to engage in WhatsApp Marketing or an individual seeking an extra layer of privacy, virtual numbers provide a feasible solution.

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