With the API of  iSend.live you can automate Whatsapp notifications with any platform

Designed for small and medium-sized companies, to revolutionize communication with customers.

  • Select all permissions to use your API Key
  • On this link go to the API documentation: https://app.isend.live/dashboard/docs  
  • Go to the WhatsApp category and select Get Accounts
  • Enter your API Key as shown in the image below
  • Click on Send and you will be shown the ids of all your connected whatsapp accounts
  • These are the example urls of our WebHooks enter your data in place of our examples:

  • https://api.isend.live/webhook/send.php?api_secret=your_api_key&account=your_account_id&recipient=your_recipient&type=text&message=your_message
  • https://api.isend.live/webhook/send.php?api_secret=your_api_key&account=your_account_id&recipient=your_recipient&type=media&message=your_message&media_url=https://i.pravatar.cc&media_type=image
  • https://api.isend.live/webhook/send.php?api_secret=your_api_key&account=your_account_id&recipient=your_recipient&type=document&message=your_message&document_url=https://api.isend.live/webhook/test.pdf&document_type=pdf

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